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Monday, May 25, 2009


It appears that Monsters vs. Aliens is no longer showing in cinemas in the Klang Valley region.

Fwoar. What happened? I don't think it's been out longer than 2 weeks. Have sales been that bad? And isn't 2 weeks far too short a time to give it a chance?

Anyway, this will be the first time I've had to renege on a promised review. I certainly hope there won't be too many more.

NEXT REVIEW: Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian
Anticipation level: bleh

Update: It appears I was mistaken. Monsters vs. Aliens has actually not opened yet, and will only do so this 28th.

I blame Cinema Online.

In any case, I will dutifully watch it and post my review.


McGarmott said...

Dude, it hasn't even started showing. The few screenings last weekend were just sneak previews. Which I did saw - it's not bad as far as 3D animation films go.

As for Night At The Museum 2 ... well, it's not very good. But hey, watch out for the CGI - my company was in charge of creating most of it. At least that'll help to offset the storyline ... okay, I'm just selling. :-)

TMBF said...

Hmm. You're right. :P