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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Movies I'm not reviewing

Guess I can't blame it all on the post-summer dearth. Yes, I have unforgivably missed out on reviewing quite a few films lately, and here are my lame-ass excuses.

Orphan - I wanted to watch this, I really did. But then I went and stupidly spoiled the ending for myself on Wikipedia. I don't think I can fairly judge it anymore.

The Final Destination - nope, not gonna watch it. Partly because of my avowed chickenshittery regarding horror movies, partly because I just don't get the Final Destination series. There's something I find reprehensible in a film that's nothing more than a bunch of creatively gory death scenes, and proudly advertises that fact. Call me a prude, but there it is.

Imagine That - gaaaahh. No, nuh-uh, no way. Even the trailer is painfully unfunny. I suffer enough with local movies, and this looks to be just as bad.

Vengeance - I have nothing against Chinese films, I really don't; some of my favourite movies are from Hong Kong. But the golden age of HK film is long gone, and I'm just not very enthused about them anymore. I rely on this site for recommendations, and they didn't give this one a very glowing review.

Murderer - ditto. Also ditto the fact that I spoiled the ending for myself. How could I not, after reading this review?

Kung Fu Cyborg - I'm actually tempted. But no.

Dance Flick - I despise the likes of Scary Movie, Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, and Godawfully Unfunny Parody Movie. And I don't even like actual dance movies.

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McGarmott said...

Hey, finally we agreed on something! Purposely avoided every single one of these films too. And spoiled Orphan by reading Wikipedia as well.

Anonymous said...

all those movies sucked or not that great.. except orphan which was worth a watch.
so i'd say thanks for not wasting our time reading reviews of shitty or sub par movies

Anonymous said...

why not give 'Murderer' a fair ;p