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Monday, September 24, 2012

Do not watch The Raid: Redemption in cinemas

'Cos it's been dubbed into English.

And the dub was most likely done in India, because everyone speaks like machas. For us Malaysians, it's unintentionally funny - actually no, it's not funny, it's fucking annoying. It's a huge fucking distraction from the suspense and seriousness of the movie.

Pardon my French, but I was really looking forward to this one, and hearing that first line of English dialogue was incredibly disappointing. I just couldn't enjoy the film properly anymore, and I don't think I want to review it (yet). And just because it's a balls-out action film doesn't mean the dubbed dialogue doesn't spoil the experience. There are still actors who are acting, and the vocal delivery of their lines is part and parcel of their performance. There is also a script with dialogue; a poor translation - and it is a poor translation, in which the BM subtitles are often completely different from what's being said - will lose all the nuance and subtleties that the screenwriter intended to put in. There's as much talent and effort put into these elements as the fight scenes, and dubbing the voices - right down to the grunts and moans during the action scenes! - just takes a huge shit all over it.

So no, don't watch it in cinemas. Show a big middle finger to Nusantara Edaran, the distributors, for their dumbass decision to bring in the English dub version instead of the original Indonesian dialogue version with subtitles. Seriously, what the fuck were you guys thinking??

(I may eventually review it off a DVD, but not for a while. Let me get this bitter taste of disappointment out of my mouth first.)


Erna said...

You are absolutely right. The dubbers voice hardly match the intensity of the original dialogue, especially Ray Sahetapy's menacing voice as Tama or Jaka's and Andi's swearing " ANNNJIIIIING" (pardon my French). For Indonesians, some of the source of comedy in this movie come from the funny accent or intonation of some characters.I guess those are lost in translation/dubbing.

son of the land said...

Who the fuck shows a DUBBED Indonesian movie in Malaysia? That's totally fucking absurd! ::DOUBLEFACEPALM::

FilmBah said...

Thanks for the heads up. I was thinking of going to an out-of-way cinema to catch this, but this would certainly make the trip not worth it.

'The Raid' has already been released in DVD in the States, but I don't know if we will get an uncut version for Malaysia.

fadz said...

The unrated version is sold near our Tauke DVD, good quality, with good subtitles, hihi..

kesian TMBF, dats def a horrifying experience, one of life's misadventure.

Gerard Dodd said...

News to me. Makes no sense to tweek this flick. However, my country does not get many international movies such as this one, I could never imagin re-sitting the Raid and embracing the same enjoyment if it was dubbed english. In fairness it kind of spits on the indonesian production, removing a vital ingrediant that the Raid is supposed to be recognised for.

Erna said...

It's so ironic that they're showing the English dubbed version in Malaysia, while cinemagoers in the US, UK and Australia got to see it in the original Indonesian language. BTW, the one I saw here in Manila also has the weird English dubbed version and around 50% fight scene was cut. I bet it's the same there in KL.

Abu Sayed Tareq said...

The Raid: Redemption is the best action movie, I've ever seen.
Too much fast action movie. Everyone like to watch this.

But I love romantic movie also like Sweet November

AkuMuzikFilem said...

i watched in sometime early 2012, downloaded from torrent with original indonesian dialogue version.

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